CTB Services
Air Test & Balance
All air volumes are measured and adjusted to meet the design requirements determined by the mechanical engineer.
Hydronic Test & Balance
Liquid systems are measured and adjusted for proportional fluid flow throughout the system to meet the design requirements determined by the mechanical engineer.
HVAC Building Systems Comissioning
Smoke Control System Testing
Lab Hood Testing
Clean Room Testing
Cleanrooms are controlled environments that require strict testing and adjusting, including leakage levels, progressive room pressures, filter volume and pressures, and fresh air volumes.
Control System Verification
Correct operation of the system communication devices are tested, calibrated, and set to a fix mode during the testing and balancing process.
Cooling Tower Performance
Cooling tower tests and adjustments are performed to ensure optimum system performance and safety. A malfunctioning cooling tower can be very dangerous and messy.
Duct Pressure Testing
Duct leakage is a major contributor to poor system performance and pressure inconsistencies. With our duct pressure testing method we are able to quickly identify leaks and assist the mechanical contractor to efficiently remedy them.
Fumehood Testing
Air volume and velocity measurements are taken to insure safety with fume hood exhaust and to meet design specifications for the space.
HVAC Commissioning
This process normally begins with a design review with the mechanical plans for the HVAC system. The commissioning agent also ensures quality by examining the complete equipment installation and operation. Verififcation of third party testing, functional testing and operational testing also occurs. The entire system is documented and the equipment maintenance procedures are carefully outlined.
Indoor Environmental Testing
We perform a variety of indoor environmental test including air changes per hour. Improper ventilation is the number one cause of a poor indoor environment.
Performance Testing
This process normally takes place during the commissioning phase of the project, and ensures that all of the systems, subsystems and equipment are functioning properly in all modes and conditions. All system communications and control interfaces are also checked for proper operation.
Pre-Construction Plan Review
We offer a plan review in order to prevent problems with system performance and balancing problems. Many times the testing and air balance phase of the project can be a much more efficient process when a pre-construction review is used.